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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Sports has always been helpful to us from the past to the present because of the healthy benefits. It also serves as an entertainment and as a hobby we must have in our daily lives. It varies from the popular down to the extreme sports.

We have the basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, golf, skate boarding, surfing, badminton, swimming and to name a few.

Among these sports, badminton caught more my attention and time. It is in fact, my most favorite though it is an exhilarating as well as expensive game, I enjoy playing it. Aside from the healthy benefits I get from it, I also gain pride and joy in this game sport. I have joined many tournaments and won that gave honor to my school, to my family and to myself. There were times I lost but still didn’t stop me loving in playing this sport.

So what sports are you in? what ever it is, discipline, effort, dedication, pride and enjoyment are surely the things you can get from it, as well as it makes you fit.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Badminton Tournament in Baguio

this video taken from Baguio City. me and my partner david try to defeat our opponent but sadly we are loose. so better luck next time.. :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Suggestions For A Simple Yet Effective Opening Repertoire

Ok I get it. Openings are important. They want clearly not in a position to lose before fifteen.

But I still shake my head when I see ten 25-year note moves in the Sicilian. That's ludicruous! Even Grand Masters, such an attempt of performance (at least most of them).

For most chess players, they are mostly black ball bang into common themes Finale middlegame positions. The way I see it, study of openings is not really important, until 1800 elo USCF. Before playing a number of movements which are not available in these difficulties. No need to fancy or aggressive - which is for the middlegame!

If you started, I am on my list of recommendations for openings that you do not have too much time to understand. They are based on sound principles of chess, so a good understanding of the principles is certainly help your game Ok, here:

As White 1 E4

* 1 ... E5, Italian or playing games Vienna

* 1 ... C5, the Sicilian Closed

* 1 ... E6 or C6, the King's Indian Attack

As black,

* 1 E4, 1 ... E5. They have to play against the Ruy Lopez, Italian Game, Scotch Gambit, among other openings.

* 1 D4, 1 ... D5. Queen's Gambit declined

Subject similar or slightly stronger opposition, the opening of this directory is a good game (and it will certainly not before the resignation of moving 15). The opening of the suggestions are solid, but you know, if it is good enough, you will find that you have the rim.

Training Female Athletes - The Keys To Designing a Successful Conditioning Program

It is high time that we (educators, teachers, parents and coaches) of the female athlete to understand and accept the fact that women are different from male athletes Athletes and these differences require an athlete Women's practicing differently than males. The athletes are female in different stature, muscle strength and the different themes of their male colleagues. It is not low Athletes mentally or physically in any way. Indeed, a Female Athlete of the anatomy and unique biological makeup makes you stronger and more successful than boys / men in certain sports and activities.

It is also time for you to the practice of female athlete with men conditioning programs and protocols. Girls / women earn more time and attention to their treatment programs, and we must all work, delete, myths, stereotypes, social pressure and negative attitudes to the practice of bodybuilding. Coach of the female athlete needed to develop professionally, as a program of strength and conditioning for the athletes, and stressed the importance of continuing a program over a period of weeks, months and years ahead. Studies have shown that women are not in a program of strength training, as many as compared to that of men.

When I speak of strength and conditioning, I do not recommend that for an athlete, a health club, giving an amount of money, with the movement of high or purchase of machinery and heavy equipment for the subsoil thereof. It is important to note that women athletes can train at home or in comfortable surroundings with a minimum of equipment and space. Through the use of an airball, weightlifting, pipes or simply Groups your weight, can be effective only on training aid and provides an excellent workout for athletes with little or no book pocket tooth.

In the list below are the keys to developing a program of strength and conditioning for women athletes. That's what athletes should be female!

1 As a young girl from only in sport or physical activity, training on sport should focus on movement, sport and sport strength of the balance. In other words, learn how to efficiently in your sport. The work on basic skills and the movement of basic skills in your sport. Find out how you can start and stop, cut, pivot or rotate. Girls need to learn more than tennis players. The tennis players from the front bullets feet, many small steps. You will stay in a sporting attitude, ready to move, pivoting on the front foot, with his knees bent. It is also important that the knees over the toes. Submit to a constraint rotatorische models and lateral movement. Make Agility drill to teach change in direction during the course stay in a sport with the bottom of the knee. Sport must bodybuilding, the whole body and multi-articular. The hips, feet, torso and shoulders every lap. Start with a body weight exercises before external resistance and training must be a balance of the facility. Keep training fun. It's like training for training.

2nd In middle age, the girls have to learn how to jump and land to prevent injuries, especially before the band cruise (ACL) injuries of the knee. It is extremely important that quality control and the soft landing of a jump, landing as a pen, not kneeling or precarious hard landings and noise. Countries of the ball with his feet and ankles bent the knee for the force. It is important that the bus to teach and watch how a young girl deals with a jump.

3rd In middle age, the girls have to learn how to do it correctly. Facilitators should teach good shape, biomechanics and technique of foot to strike. This will be a contribution to a smooth and efficient movement and avoid injuries, including injuries to the overuse of the knees, hips, back, foot and ankle.

4th Emphasize the importance of wearing shoes correct, and if the muscle to practices and games. Women are more flat and knock-out knelt at the feet, it is essential to their shoes or deposits on these issues.

5th It would be ideal for a girl or a woman, the strength and conditioning of the junior program remains high, at least when they plan to compete and succeed in high school or university-level in their sport. The years of training should be the correct height rest periods in the annual training cycle. High school most athletes training fitness should certainly this year.

6 A fitness training and conditioning program should focus on exercises to strengthen the knee joint, to prevent ACL injuries. The quadriceps, especially the vastus medialis and what is even more important, the Achilles tendons are usually much lower and strength compared to the quadriceps and women. Similarly, the abductors and adductors.

7 Focus on core competencies. That does not mean for the training aspect of the six pack. What I think is the formation of the chest, stomach and the muscles of the upper and lower back and hips. These problems are for many women athletes. Train the core of the state, more functional and more specifically the sport. If you are still under the pressure of time and may be a few years until the heart of the work.

8 If the sport requires a good deal launching of the movement, the train rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder joint. In addition, the muscles of the upper back, rhomboids, to the stabilization of the scapula and stress takes articulation shoulders and arms.

Functional 9 in a train. Most of the exercises in training should be closed channel (standing, feet on the ground), which includes balance, coordination, agility and Propriozeption in each movement. Get off the machines and move freely with multi-articular and multi-planar exercises.

10 Stress and feeding of liquid at very young age. We will see, osteoporosis and individuals in the age groups of young people every year. I strongly recommend that female athletes and their parents to get in touch with a dietician / nutritionist, to ensure that female athletes is increasingly good food on a daily basis, with regard to its activities . It is safe to say that all women athletes may benefit from a multi-vitamin daily.

11 If an athlete is aged women (12-13 years), the training should be put off-shoring of training for athletics for youth, training on improving the movement, in terms of changes, push-pull and rotation. If an athlete has a history of strength and a good basis for firmness and flexibility, the athlete can then involve more advanced forms of vocational training in its programme. For example, more advanced plyometric training, training for speed, performance and sensitivity and strength with the Olympic lifts. It is a training competition.

Athletes, please consult your doctor before starting a new exercise program.

The Bridge In Pool And Billiards

In the pool and billiards, the bridge is what the wave of reference, when it starts a coup. It is important that we have a good, solid bridge to ensure that the point of reference did not side of the negative impact on your destination.

There are several types of bridge - open, closed, railways, and I have been called the "over-the-ball-Pont. For photos on the table, you have trouble reaching, it is also the mechanical bridge.

The bridge simple to use, and probably also the most popular is, the bridge is opened. It is through the bridge with their hands on the table with the fingers, four fingers back in the form of an arc of the ankle in the sky, and the thumb upwards zurückstreifend against pointing the finger. The reference tree for the "V" between the fingers and thumb. The level of the peak marker on the white ball can be explained by the increase or decrease in the rainbow of hand.

The generator provides a bridge over the responsibility for the security of reference is still vague and advanced players. This bridge is in a similar way to the open method of bridge, only the tip of the index and the tip of the thumb are together and form a circle or loop. Some fencers hold the finger tip, while others overlap with the thumbnail of the index. The wave landmark in this loop, and the thumb and other fingers were bruised around the tree to support that, as the wave of slides during registration.

The railway bridge is used when the white ball is so close to the track, there is no room for the bridge hand on the table. The bridge has a hand a few inches above the rail and advice from the index and middle finger on the rail, the width of the tree landmark apart. The thumb is zurückgestreift of the track. The wave landmark is located near the road between the two fingers and cherished is the key in this manner.

If the ball touches landmarks or near another ball, it may not be possible to use the bridge open or closed. Only if the "over-the-ball-Bridge is used.

This bridge is very similar to the opening of the bridge, except for the fact that the palm of your hand on the table has risen. This raises the "V" of the bridge, which identifies the airwaves. The thumb is zurückgestreift higher side of a finger instead of the ankle, on the part of the wave of the finger pointing. With the "V" higher than you are able to reach a ball, perhaps in the manner of the cue-ball, and the contact with the head of reference for the shooting.

For the three types of bridge that you use, it is important to touch fingers, the table as wide as possible in order to maximize the support and stability on the bridge. The bridge shall not move, a coup if any, to the extent that this has adverse effects on your target, and subsequently run out of projectiles.

The mechanical deck is made of plastic or aluminum pieces and a landmark replacement Stick. This device allows you to the position of the bridge, near the Cue-ball, when it is not possible to attain the white ball to be drawn in the normal way. It has grooves, and finally, hold the Cue-wave, as she caressed to fire.

Exercises To Increase Vertical Leap

There are several ways to increase the vertical jump. During your training, you have two things for your legs to strengthen and increase their muscle fibers fast, and vertical jump, is within a few inches of your vertical jump. The increase vertical jump at your disposal for sports like basketball (for a better rebounding), volleyball (to strike and block), football (to the extent of your guests, with the head) , handball, football, rugby, and many others.

Power is one of the most important is the high jump. Physics saying that corresponds to the power A / t, where A is the Hours of Work and tons but in sport is to better that the force multiplied by the speed and that is why training muscle the crisis quickly is very important.

Each training session should be accompanied by a Warm-Up and extends the leg wide and it is very important if the buildings and muscle fibers prevent injury. The best way to continue to skip rope your heart rate higher, which will help you with the final results. As I said speed was important, that this is why you need yourself and make a few sprints and to continue the stairs. I recommend the local stage, as a general rule, a lot of stars. It is important for the stars with your toes, walk down, and then repeat the exercise every second staircase. What you should do, the next jumps. Start by jumping on the ground and immediate return to the box. Up to 3 sets of 10 repetitions. Continue with jumps where your legs are bent (3 / 4) and try to jump as high as possible, and repeat disembark ... At least 3 sets of ten repetitions and continue to jump quickly and is not as high as previously. Spring, once your toes on the ground. The best, which is a goal back or on the edge of basketball is a great objective, they try to touch 10times in a number of times and 3 times.

Once you are ready to run a mile away, and again. Fill it every 3 days and the results are displayed in the week.

How Young Should A Child Start To Specialize In A Sport?

It is a fact that the age at which a young person that peak in sport is increasingly weak. This means heavily dependent not, in particular, through sport, given that some sports such as swimming and tennis, the young participants course is still very young.

However, it said that in an analysis of tennis players in recent years have shown that the average age of boys and girls to be higher, as expected. Boys were in the region, 24 and 22 girls.

If we are men, especially tennis, we have a number of good players emerging in the 20 to 24 years - but the number one women and fashion for men is higher than average.

What is specialized in all sports? For a person elite in every sport 10000 hours of training and practice, which is 3 hours per day for 10 years, that is to say if we are looking for one person for 24 success They have the training and practice, as they were 14 or younger.

Make sure you want to run the sport until junior competition are regularly from the time they reach 10 years, and what it implies before the start of the representation of the sport in 6 to 7 years. They say that in 10, if a child is in sport, they should play at least 3 times a week!

Appearance important to be taken into account:

1. A good basis for sports, in order to cross-training, like basketball for a tennis player.

2. Forgot school should be put in jeopardy.

3. A body of the child develops gradually during their pre-teens and early youth, they should not do weight training, a little OK If it is properly monitored.

4. Correct, training balanced taking into account both sides of the body.

BUT - the most important point in this context is what the child wants to do and not what the parents or the child heard coaches to implement. Fair enough, there must be a small area of the challenge of buses and a good coach, is how to do so in one of the best players in interest rates.

At the end of the day, we find strange children of a certain age are committed and focused on the sport of their choice. But it is a rarity and, unfortunately, it is not necessarily the beginning of the sport of their choice.

It is interesting to note that Tim Henman was not the best of the team, when he was young, and then exceed them, but all others of his group.

In the United Kingdom, there is a high degree of competition among all sports to achieve the best juniors, and it is a general rule, that someone who is good in sport is also a good, a number other sports. The pulpit junior finally choose the path that suits them. What we do, you will find in this scenario is that a player who was suddenly on stage, and in a world of know-beater Seb Coe, Ian Black, etc.

So at the end of the day - that is the child, if they want to launch specialty, the coach can only advise them.