Monday, February 11, 2008

Exercises To Increase Vertical Leap

There are several ways to increase the vertical jump. During your training, you have two things for your legs to strengthen and increase their muscle fibers fast, and vertical jump, is within a few inches of your vertical jump. The increase vertical jump at your disposal for sports like basketball (for a better rebounding), volleyball (to strike and block), football (to the extent of your guests, with the head) , handball, football, rugby, and many others.

Power is one of the most important is the high jump. Physics saying that corresponds to the power A / t, where A is the Hours of Work and tons but in sport is to better that the force multiplied by the speed and that is why training muscle the crisis quickly is very important.

Each training session should be accompanied by a Warm-Up and extends the leg wide and it is very important if the buildings and muscle fibers prevent injury. The best way to continue to skip rope your heart rate higher, which will help you with the final results. As I said speed was important, that this is why you need yourself and make a few sprints and to continue the stairs. I recommend the local stage, as a general rule, a lot of stars. It is important for the stars with your toes, walk down, and then repeat the exercise every second staircase. What you should do, the next jumps. Start by jumping on the ground and immediate return to the box. Up to 3 sets of 10 repetitions. Continue with jumps where your legs are bent (3 / 4) and try to jump as high as possible, and repeat disembark ... At least 3 sets of ten repetitions and continue to jump quickly and is not as high as previously. Spring, once your toes on the ground. The best, which is a goal back or on the edge of basketball is a great objective, they try to touch 10times in a number of times and 3 times.

Once you are ready to run a mile away, and again. Fill it every 3 days and the results are displayed in the week.

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