Monday, February 11, 2008

My Suggestions For A Simple Yet Effective Opening Repertoire

Ok I get it. Openings are important. They want clearly not in a position to lose before fifteen.

But I still shake my head when I see ten 25-year note moves in the Sicilian. That's ludicruous! Even Grand Masters, such an attempt of performance (at least most of them).

For most chess players, they are mostly black ball bang into common themes Finale middlegame positions. The way I see it, study of openings is not really important, until 1800 elo USCF. Before playing a number of movements which are not available in these difficulties. No need to fancy or aggressive - which is for the middlegame!

If you started, I am on my list of recommendations for openings that you do not have too much time to understand. They are based on sound principles of chess, so a good understanding of the principles is certainly help your game Ok, here:

As White 1 E4

* 1 ... E5, Italian or playing games Vienna

* 1 ... C5, the Sicilian Closed

* 1 ... E6 or C6, the King's Indian Attack

As black,

* 1 E4, 1 ... E5. They have to play against the Ruy Lopez, Italian Game, Scotch Gambit, among other openings.

* 1 D4, 1 ... D5. Queen's Gambit declined

Subject similar or slightly stronger opposition, the opening of this directory is a good game (and it will certainly not before the resignation of moving 15). The opening of the suggestions are solid, but you know, if it is good enough, you will find that you have the rim.

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